Congratulations to all our Spring 2016 Inductees!

To all our new Spring 2016 ODK Inductees, congratulations and welcome to the Sigma Circle of ODK!

In a ceremony held on Sunday, April 3, the Sigma Circle inducted alumni members Alexander Bleiweis and Miles R. “Pat” Patterson and four university faculty and staff members – Brian Bertges, Tracy Kiras, Valerie Lahoud and David Lovell.

Spring 2016 inductees on steps of Memorial Chapel
Spring 2016 inductees pose for a picture on the steps of the Memorial Chapel after their induction ceremony on April 3.

Spring 2016 Undergraduate and Graduate Inductees:

Katie An, Adrienne Baer, Adam Berger, Stefanie Biondi, Kevin Bock, Alex Boukhvalova, Alice Chang, Steve Chen, Jake Crouse, Uva Dayalan, Kristina Dziki, Amanda Fillie, Erica Fuentes, Julia Gao, Ben Gastfriend, Mary Kate Gentile, Ari Goldstein, Hope Goodman, James Hazelrig, Cole Holocker, Priya Kareddy, Katharine Kong, Danielle Leopold, Cindy Liu, Monika Looney, Tina Luthers, Trey Mason, Julianne McAndrews, Nicole Moy, David Niezelski, Danielle Ohl, Bryan Pfeffer, Kristen Ponturiero, Paula Rabade, Julia Ring, Siona Slepoy, Michael Stern, Lily Stevens, Kate Tolstaya, Sydney Tommins, Dema Tzamaras, Emily Weiss and Chris Yeager.

A reception was held in the Adele H. Stamp Student Union with remarks from new ODK inductee Dr. David Lovell, an associate professor in the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

Congratulations once again to our newest inductees, and thank you to all who came out to support the Sigma Circle!

5 Reasons You Need to go to Calvert Cotillion

Calvert Cotillion is coming up on Thursday, May 7th! Don’t delay. Get your tickets for Calvert Cotillion RIGHT NOW at

If you’re still not convinced that you should go to, then let us help.  First, you should know that Calvert Cotillion is an annual tradition at the University of Maryland that stretches back for decades. The Senior formal was originally a way to tap new members into ODK and celebrate another successful year. It disappeared for a few years in the 70’s and 80’s but returned in the 90’s as an event co-sponsored by ODK and the Senior Class Council.

You don’t have to be a senior to attend if you’re in ODK, though. All members of ODK are invited to attend.

Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons you should go to Calvert Cotillion:

1. It’s Tradition
Duh! You swam with turtles at Maryland Day. You sang the fight song at football games. You rubbed Testudo’s nose. Now, go celebrate the awesomeness of Maryland at Calvert Cotillion.

See? We told you! Calvert Cotillion's been around a long time. Here's some ODKers cutting a rug in 1938.
See? We told you! Calvert Cotillion’s been around a long time. Here’s some ODKers cutting a rug in 1938.

2. It’s Fun to Say
Calvert Cotillion on its own is a bit of a mouthful. CalvCot is a lot easier to say and it makes you sound like an insider. Plus, it takes up less space in a hashtag: #CalvCot15

Seriously, say CalvCot a bunch of times real fast! Good times.
Seriously, say CalvCot a bunch of times real fast! Good times.

3. The Food
The food at CalvCot (See?! Fun!!) is UM-azing. Don’t know what Crab Salad Tartlette? It’s delicious is what it is! Don’t know how to pronounce “Spanakopita?” Doesn’t matter. It’s great. You’ll love it.

Come for the elegance. Stay for the cupcakes.
Come for the elegance. Stay for the cupcakes.

4. You Get to Dress Up
You never get to dress up to hang out on Route One! This is your chance! Wanna wear a tux for the first time in your life? Go for it! Wanna break out a ball gown and get all fancy? Do it! Are you a t-shirt and bolo tie person? Feel free to rock it! No judgment. Do you.

Get dressed up. Or don't. Just come out and have a good time.
Get dressed up. Or don’t. Just come out and have a good time.

5. Avengers: Age of Ultron
Have you heard Zimri’s “ODK is the Avengers of Leadership at Maryland” analogy? You should – it’s awesome. He’ll have seen the movie by the time CalvCot rolls around and will have found a way to stretch the analogy to include the expanded cinematic universe. You’ll want to hear it.

Captain America approves this message* *not actually true
Captain America approves this message*
*not actually true

You’re convinced! Now, go get your tickets at

ODKers Celebrated at Annual University Awards

Omicron Delta Kappa Sigma Circle was proud to, once again, co-host the Annual University Awards with our friends in the Stamp Student Union. Now in its thirty-fourth year, the awards recognize some of the student leaders who have made substantial contributions to our campus community.

We’d like to recognize all of the ODKers who have given back to the University of Maryland and applaud all of the award winners and finalists.

Students post with their awards at the annual university awards banquet
Congratulations and thank you to all those who make this university great!


Top Ten Freshmen
Lina Bauer
Angelica Bingei
Andrew Dunn
Elliot Frank
Hope Goodman
Rebecca Goodridge
Samantha Higginbothem
Mihir Khetarpal
Courtney Steininger
Jessica Ting

Sophomore Leader of the Year
Sade Aynide

Col. J. Logan Schutz Omicron Delta Kappa Leader of the Year
Cara Hamel


Col. J. Logan Schutz Legacy Scholarship
Sean Kim

Kirwan Award
Sarahann Yeh

University Health Center Leadership Award
Joaquin Jaramillo

Maryland Images Volunteer of the Year Award
Christina Winkler

OMSE Award for Outstanding Multi-Ethnic Campus Organization
Community Roots

OMSE Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Award
Sophia Vega-Ormeno

Student Affairs Outstanding Student Employee Award
William Chavez
Megan Chisolm

Lorde-O’Leary Award
Aubrey DiBello

Outstanding Graduate Student Assembly Member Award
Yehuda Katz

Greek Leader of the Year Award
Christopher Frye

Outstanding Chapter President of the Year Award
Kara Higgins

Vera Cruz-Kochiyama Award
Andrew Mayton

Rebecca Williams Award for Commitment to Social Change
Nyana Quashie

Adele H. Stamp Memorial Award
Ankur Naik

La Raza Unida Award
Odalis Lopez

Emma Powers Student Employee of the Year Award
Caroline Cummings

Department of Dining Services Christopher Carey Customer Service Award
Arthur Vivaldo

Resident Assistant of the Year Awards
Cambridge Community
Adam Hussain

Denton Community
Aiden Galloway

Ellicott Community
Benjamin Borchers

North Hill & Leonardtown Community
Ryan McCollough

South Campus Community Commons
Nicole Fleskes

South Hill Community
Colleen Shipley

Letters and Sciences Outstanding Student Award
Shabnam Ahmed

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Student Athlete of the Year Awards
Amber Melville
Dez Wells

Mary McLeod Bethune Award
Jazmyn White

William L. Thomas Student Government Association Award
Charmaine Wilson-Jones

John B. Slaughter Outstanding Senior Award
Alexandra Maye

James Otis Williams Cultural Leadership Award
Colin Byrd

Meghan Price Scholarship Award for Leadership and Public Service
Christina Luthers

James Kehoe and Ethel Kesler Awards
David Amici
Brandi Rosser

Camille K. Rajpat Memorial Award for Outstanding Member of the University Student Judiciary
Austin Trupp

Pavela Prize for Distinguished Contributions to the University of Maryland Academic Integrity and Student Ethical Development Program
Emily Williams

Outstanding Advisor for a Student Organization
Nacie Grigsby

Graduate Student Distinguished Service Award
Katherine Jameson

Maryland Medallion Society
Raaheela Ahmed
Anthony Belton
Mackenzie Burnett
Fang Cao
Catherine Hamel
Mykell Hatcher-McLarin
Nicholas Henninger
Michael Ikeda
Vishnupriya Krishnan
Abisola Kusimo
Winston Liu
Edmund Molleur
Travis Moxley
Meghan Murphy
Khalil Pettus
Michael Sikorski
Hailey Siller
Sree Sinha
Jazmyn White
Charmaine Wilson-Jones

Wilson H. Elkins Award
Sree Sinha

H.C. Byrd Award
Fang Cao

Sally Sterling Byrd Award
Raaheela Ahmed

Maryland Day is Saturday, April 25th! Get Excited!

Guests at Maryland Day hang out by the ODK Fountain

Maryland Day is just around the corner! Everything you love about the University of Maryland will be on display at our annual one-day open house.

Maryland Day is packed with more than 400 educational, family-friendly, and interactive events and exhibits spread out over six “learning neighborhoods.” You can find the full schedule and a map by visiting

We hope that you join us on campus April 25th for Maryland Day and stop by what we think is the day’s signature event [we might be a little biased] – Fun at the Fountain! Come to the ODK Fountain to say ‘hi’ to current and former members and go fishing for turtles and prizes.

See you at Maryland Day!

Join us for Calvert Cotillion, May 7th!

Calvert Cotillion is a University of Maryland tradition that dates back to the 1920s.  Until 1955, it was used as a way to recognize new ODK initiates.  The tradition disappeared for a few years but was brought back in the 1990s as an event that not only honors campus leaders but also serves as an opportunity for the senior class to celebrate their time at Maryland.

ODK works with the Senior Council to continue this treasured event and we hope you’ll join us this year! To reserve your tickets for Calvert Cotillion on May 7th, go to

All seniors and all members of ODK, regardless of class status, are invited to attend.


ODK National Celebrated 100 Years of Leadership and Sigma Circle Was There!

ODK100 ConventionEarlier this summer, a caravan of Terps made the trip to Lexington, Virginia to attend the ODK National Convention and Centennial Celebration.

Faculty Secretary, Dr. Brooke Supple, and Zimri Diaz joined former ODK Sigma Circle President, Stephanie Graf, and incoming Historian, Sarah Niezelski, at the National Convention, held appropriately at Washington and Lee University, the birthplace of Omicron Delta Kappa 100 years ago!

Those four weren’t the only Terps in attendance, though! We were also fortunate to reconnect with former ODK Sigma Circle Officers Jesse Chen, Amanda Fitzgerald, Katy Rennenkampf, and Ruth Watkins; Andrew Cahoon, in his last weekend as the ODK Fellow, was working hard during the event, but still found time to say hello to his friends from back home; and, Matt Barnes was in attendance representing his new ODK home at University of Miami.

A group gathers  in front of a red brick wall to take a tight group shot. The person in front is holding a camera with her arm outstretched to get everyone in the photo.
Members of ODK Sigma Circle take a group selfie in front of ODK National Headquarters in Lexington, Va.

The National Convention is an opportunity for ODK leaders across the country to meet and connect – recommitting to the ideals of ODK, sharing and learning best practices from other circles, networking with peers and alumni, and propelling ODK forward. Members of ODK Sigma Circle delivered a presentation on Building Traditions on Campus (Don’t worry, folks. We didn’t tell them about our super-secret underground lair beneath the ODK Fountain –ed.).

The convention is also the place where the good works of circles and members are recognized. We are pleased to announce that the Sigma Circle was designated as a Superior Circle by ODK National. It brings us greater pleasure to announce that outgoing Sigma Circle Vice President, Chris Riley, was selected as one of five finalists for the ODK National Leader of the Year Award for his commitment to Campus and Community Involvement.

Chris Riley is recognized as an ODK National Leader of the Year Finalist by ODK National President, Micheal Christakis.
Chris Riley is recognized as an ODK National Leader of the Year Finalist by ODK National President, Micheal Christakis.

Congratulations are in order for Chris and for all of the ODK Sigma Circle members and alumni who make this circle outstanding! Thank you for all of your amazing work.

ODK Sigma Circle Member and Director of Honors College, Bill Dorland, Featured in Terp Magazine

Bill Dorland doesn’t slow down. That much is evident in the Terp Magazine’s profile of the Honors College Director and member of ODK Sigma Circle.

Inducted in Spring 2013 for his leadership in academics (former ODK President Katy Rennenkampf wrote in her nomination letter that “he is an exemplary model of the academic pillar and its values”), Dr. Dorland hasn’t wavered in his leadership of the Honors College or in the classroom despite his battle with chordoma, a rare and incurable form of cancer.

He is a lesson in living your life as fully as possible. We’re as inspired by his commitment to leadership now as we were when he gave his insights on leadership in a speech at his induction reception.

Read more about Dr. Dorland in Terp Magazine:

The Things He Carries ‹ TERP.

Dr. Bill Dorland in a beige shirt and blue jeans wears a backpack and holds a cane.
Honors College Director and ODK Sigma Circle member, Dr. Bill Dorland, is featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Terp Magazine.



[Photo Credit: John Consoli via Terp Magazine.]