Application Closed

The ODK Top Ten Freshmen and Sophomore Leader of the Year applications are now closed. Award recipients will be notified shortly.

ODK Spring Application: Now Closed

The ODK Spring 2011 application is now closed. New ODK members will be notified during the week of February 28th. Applications will be accepted again during the first three weeks of fall semester.

Congratulations Fall 2010 Inductees

Undergraduate: Michael Atlas, Annie Axenfeld, Justin Bare, Collin Berglund, Nikki Bohannon, Miriam Brand, Laura Brant, Christina Buckless, Emily Burke, Jillian Chavis, Andy Civetti, Caroline Coates, Sara Coonin, Gobriella Davis, Colleen Deegan, Nikki Duong, Tian Tian Feng, Josh Finifter, Samantha Fowler, Michele Fried, Efe Gboneme, Jen Greenman, Brittney Grove, Naeha Gupta, Akhila Iruku, Ilana Kelsey, Luke Lindberg, Michelle McGrain, Evan McQuirns, Akshita Mehta, Debra Mizrahi, Emily Moussapour, Melissa Nathanson, Kerri Pinchuk, Teddy Powers, Robbie Rosenthal, Vidya Sathyamoorthy, Ethan Schaler, Wendy Schiffman, Jamie Schwartz, Doron Tamari, Hilary Tebeleff, Geoff Treat, Ruth Watkins, Beth Wofford, Kaiyi Xie, MengMeng Xu, and Rosie Zhang

Graduate: Matt Johnson

Faculty and Staff: Robert S. Gold

Alumni: Jacqueline Heise and Kevin Plank

ODK Kicks Off Fall Fest

Starting tomorrow the Sigma Circle will join other honor societies, professional fraternities, and organizations on campus for the start of Fall Fest. This inter-honor society week-long event will be the first of its kind on campus. Other groups taking place are Mortar Board, Delta Epsilon Mu, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Phi Sigma Pi.

Fall Fest 2010 Schedule:

Monday 11/15 – Ice Night! (Ice Cream and Icebreakers)
Wednesday 11/17 – Fall Fest Shirt Day
Thursday 11/18 – Trivia/Game Night
Friday 11/19 – Fall Fest Olympics

Tapping Week

Congratulations to all of those who were tapped for membership to the Sigma Circle this week. You have truly distinguished yourselves as leaders. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events and the official Initiation Ceremony later this semester.

New ODK Website

With the start of the new school year, we’re launching the new website for the Sigma Circle. Check back often for the latest news and updates. Plus, later this semester, we’ll share an exciting fountain photo project.

Congratulations Spring 2010 Inductees

Undergraduate: Matthew Barnes, Rachel Blair, Cara Blumenthal, Kevin Ford, Rafael Green, Tiffany Harvey, Elise Hawkins, John Junghans, Carolyn Karbel, Chelsea Kerl, Kyle Kneisly, Benjamin Kubic, Christina Lau, Gregory Lessans, Matthew Liebowitz, Alexandra Moe, Pooja Patel, Alison Pickover, Summer Raza, Jeanine Reyes, Joanna Shieh, Kathryn Snedeker, Erin Spiegel, Edward Tao, Allison Temple, Kevin Tervala, Brian Toll, Sherri Weinstein, Joseph Wyrwas, Kate Yanchulis and David Zuckerman

Graduate: Marybeth J. Drechsler

Faculty, Staff and Honorary: Charles A. Caramello, Zimri A. Diaz, Patricia L. Mote and Margaret M. Swallow