Names of Sigma Circle’s Most Recent Inductees Have Been Engraved on the ODK Fountain


There are so many special moments in the life of an ODKer. Remember that moment when you first realized you were being tapped for membership? Amazing!

"Who are they talking to? Are the talking about . . . ME?!"
“Who are they talking to? Are they talking to . . . ME?!”

Pretty soon, you’re at induction and you can’t believe you’re a member of this group with all of these other spectacularly gifted leaders!

Seriously, all of our inductees are unbelievably accomplished.
Seriously, all of our inductees are unbelievably accomplished.

By the time you graduate, it’s old hat and you’re walking around taking pictures in your ODK cords and stoles Like. A. Boss.


But, there’s this one moment – one incredible moment – when it all crystalizes for you. You’ve made it. You’re a member of ODK.

We’re talking, of course, about that moment you see your name, in stone, on the ODK Fountain for the first time.

It's so beautiful

The names of our most recent inductees, from Fall 2013 to Spring 2015, have been engraved on the Fountain and those stones are now in place. The next time you’re on McKeldin Mall, you will see your name among the more than 4,000 other names of ODK members who have helped build, lead, and shape the University of Maryland since 1927.

Congratulations and thank you to all the members of ODK who make this university great!

ODK Fountain 2014

ODK Lights Up the Mall and Shines a Light on UMD Campus Pantry

A white bag with a lighted candle inside sits on the ODK Fountain.ODK is committed to giving back to the University of Maryland community. You’ll find our leaders contributing, in all sorts of ways, to a lively and enriching campus culture through participation in student groups, activities, and programs. The contributions don’t end there, though. Recognizing a need in our community, Philanthropy and Community Service, Emily Fraik, organized our first-ever luminaria fundraiser on McKeldin Mall!

On Wednesday, December 3rd, just after sunset, ODK used one of UMD’s most iconic landmarks, the ODK Fountain, to shine a light on an important cause – The UMD Campus Pantry. Through the sale of luminaria bags and hot chocolate (on a very cold evening), ODK was able to raise $200 to help support Campus Pantry’s mission to address food insecurity issues on campus.

The University of Maryland Campus Pantry offers food assistance to members of the university community – students, faculty, and staff – in need. This being the season of gratitude and giving, ODK was happy to bring attention to and contribute to such a worthy cause.

To learn more about UMD Campus Pantry, and to find out how to give, please visit their website,

White bags with lighted candles ring the ODK Fountain.

ODK Sigma Circle Welcomes its Newest Members at the ODK Induction Ceremony and Reception

On Sunday, December 7th, Omicron Delta Kappa inducted its newest members into the Sigma Circle at the University of Maryland.

At the ODK Induction Ceremony held in the Memorial Chapel, Sigma Circle welcomed 57 campus leaders as members of ODK. The event is always a humbling experience, hearing the impressive contributions made by all of the inductees to the University of Maryland community read aloud.

The Ceremony was followed by the Induction Reception held in the Colony Ballroom of the Stamp Student Union. Current members, alumni, faculty and staff all came together to congratulate and meet the new members.

Congratulations and welcome!

Kenneth Ulman

Faculty and Staff
Daniel Ostick
Scott Roberts
Ross Stern
Ashlei Tobin-Robertson
Norman Wereley

Robert Goldberg

Undergraduate and Graduate Students
Liya Ai, Jeremy Bennie, Nicole Blahut, Alexandra Broseker, Mackenzie Burnett, Helen Cheung, Connie Chou, Kayla Coutts, Josef Danczuk, Lillybelle Davis, Margaret Doyle, Samuel Gaffigan, Rebecca Haas, Amanda Hemmer, Nicholas Henninger, Darian Hoagland, Malina Howard, Eseigboria Ikheloa, Zoe King, Vishnupriya Krishnan, Te-Hsuan Lee, Winston Liu, Samantha Mauceri, Karen Mawdsley, Charlotte McCafferty, Catherine McGrath, Yash Mehta, Andrew Mills, Travis Moxley, Meghan Murphy, Sydney Perlotto, Allison Peters, Kevin Pineault, Patrick Ronk, Sarah Sexton, Lauren Shaw, Ashmi Sheth, Kathryn Shniderman, Zara Simpson, Sree Sinha, Abigail Stephens, Kelsey Sutton, Katherine Sylvester, Colleen Toohey, Austin Trupp, Camila Uechi, Julia Wainger, Lindsey Weilminster, Charmaine Wilson-Jones, and Sarahann Yeh.

You’re Invited: ODK Inductions are Sunday, December 7th!

ODK Induction Invitation

53 new members of ODK will be inducted on Sunday, December 7th and we’re inviting ALL members to attend!

Show your support for our new Sigma Circle inductees at Memorial Chapel from 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. The Induction Reception follows in the Colony Ballroom from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., where you’ll have the opportunity to meet and mingle with current members and alumni.

No tickets required, but please RSVP to by Wednesday, November 26th for the reception.

Congratulations ODK Graduates

The University of Maryland held its commencement activities on Thursday, May 22nd and Friday, May 23rd. Among the graduating class were standout members of Omicron Delta Kappa Sigma Circle.

“Thank You” to the outstanding students who have made campus a better, brighter place. We hope you had the time of your life, that you value your accomplishments and contributions to the community,  and that (and, this is important) you visit real soon. We already miss you!


Andrew Aggabao
Princess Agha
Itay Balely
Madeline Bersch
Alex Bistany
Justin Brannan
Tiffany Burba
David Burkey
Edward Condon
Kathryn Connolly
Jasmine Cruz
Matthew Cuozzo
Ashley David
Sylvie DeLaHunt
Ian Feller
Brittney Flack
Joshua Gilstein
Samantha Gottlieb
Stephanie Graf
Shawn Greenspan
Joel Guttman
Madison Higgins
Jeremy Janow
Adam Janus
Emily Jones
Matthew Kannan
Ehson Kashfipour
Megan Katz
Omer Kaufman
Jennifer King
Keir Lauritzen
Christina Lee
Rachael Lee
Rachel Mahler
Ryan Lee-Young
Michael Lichtenberg
David Lieb
Jessica Lu
Emily McDermott
Kieran McGuigan
Brendan McNelly
Vaughn Midder
Davian Morgan
Kristina Moyer
Noah Niederhoffer
Pourandokht Nourbakhsh
Adam Offitzer
Elizabeth Pandya
Kirsten Petersen
Matthew Popkin
Christopher Riley
Esther Robinson
Julia Ruth
Alison Schumacher
Zachary Seabolt
Yoon Shin
Zachary Sivo
Steven Strauss
Catherine Thompson
Rebecca Vanover
Timothy Von Thun
Christopher Waddail
Alexandra Winter
Andy Xin
Nicole Zion
Samantha Zwerling


ODK Sigma Circles Elects Officers for 2014-2015

At their General Body Meeting on Wednesday night, ODK members elected new officers for the upcoming academic year.

President: Khalil Pettus
Vice President: Cara Hamel
Communications Coordinator: Tony Belton
Philanthropy and Community Service Coordinator: Emily Fraik
Events Coordinator: Moriel Daniel
Historian: Sarah Niezelski
Public Relations Coordinator: Renuka Tripu
Membership Coordinator: Alex Wilson
Webmaster & Social Media Coordinators: Praneet Puppala and Raja Ayyagari

The new officers replace an outstanding Exec Board that worked hard to uphold the traditions and integrity of the ODK Sigma Circle. Thank you for your service Stephanie Graf, Chris Riley, Jen King, Kieran McGuigan, Alex Bistany, Ryan Lee-Young, Julia Ruth, Vaughn Midder.